List of Windows computer problems and solutions [Complete explanation of solutions]

Starting and shutting down the computertrouble of time

This is a solution for serious problems such as the computer not starting or the login screen not appearing.
Older computers often have hard disk failures.Clone hard disketc. will be required.
We also provide easy-to-understand information about problems such as your computer starting up on its own or not turning off.

Trouble when operating a computer

I'm writing about how to solve problems where your computer works, but becomes slow and heavy, or causes specific errors.
If your computer is old, there is a high possibility that the hard disk is failing.
It also provides easy-to-understand explanations of how to resolve various errors and how to update drivers.

Troubles related to malware and ransomware

I am writing about how to solve malware-related problems, such as when you are infected with a virus or your data is encrypted due to ransomware infection.

Troubles with computer internet, Wi-Fi, email, and browsers

I have written about how to solve problems such as slow internet or Wi-Fi connections, and error messages from email software.

Troubles related to computer storage devices

Computer storage devices include hard disks and SSDs, and I have written about how to solve problems with them.

Problems with peripheral devices such as screens and keyboards

This article is about troubles with keyboards, touchpads, and displays.

Problems with computer parts, etc.

I write about how to solve problems related to computer parts such as the motherboard, CPU, and memory.

Summary: Check how to solve computer problems

I believe that almost all computer problems can be resolved.
Even in the worst case scenario, you can revive your old computer by replacing the hard disk (we call it replacing the brain).

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