Company profile and representative director profile

Company Profile

Company name: ICT Business Supporter Co., Ltd. (formerly Kaibundo)

Representative Director: Akira Nose


Address: Joy Buriji 306, 164-1 Kamiko, Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture

telephone number:0897-47-7772

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Profile of Representative Director Akira Nose

Over the past 20 years, he has been involved in the creation and operation of over 200 homepages.

In the early stages, we focused on gathering people through SEO, thinking that if we gathered people, we would get results.
As a result of these efforts, we have reached 25,000 monthly accesses.

Even if you get 20,000 hits a month, you'll probably only get one job a month at most (^_^;)
Study web marketing and realize the importance of marketing.

Currently, the site receives 20,000 to 25,000 hits per month and receives orders for one or two jobs per month.
The important thing is to display high rankings for the keywords you are aiming for and operate your ads.

If you can get work orders by updating your blog normally, that's OK.
If we want to increase sales this season, we will also run advertising.

Currently, as a web marketing consultant, my goal is to make the homepages of small and medium-sized businesses profitable.

Introduction of web marketing is difficult until it is created, but once it is created, it becomes easy to operate.
I want many small and medium-sized business owners to create a system that will help them sell, so I am currently studying.