Display of special commercial law

Display based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law

distributorICT Business Supporter Co., Ltd.
Chief operations officerRepresentative Director Akira Nose
Contact information793-0041
Joy Buriji 306, 164-1 Kamiko, Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture
TEL: 0897-47-7772 Mobile phone: 090-3222-4821 (Docomo)
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Selling priceProducts are sold at the prices displayed on this site.
Or clearly stated in the contract and quotation.
Product shipping and delivery feesDue to the nature of the product, shipping and delivery fees will not be charged.
Other costs borne by the customer10% consumption tax will be levied on each product price. (specified in the estimate)
Response to refundsThis will be specified in the contract.
Product delivery timeThis will be specified in the contract or quotation.
Payment methodCash, various credit cards, bank transfer.
Deadline for supportIn the case of bank transfer, half of the contract amount will be charged at the beginning. (Production will be made after confirming payment.)
Please pay the remaining amount within one month after completion of delivery.