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For those considering the use of sales agency services, specific implementation images and success stories are important elements. This time, Akira Nose, CEO of ICT Business Supporter Co., Ltd., wrote an article about the results and effects of implementing YZ Co., Ltd.'s matching system mycsess. Please read about the potential of automatic matching to dramatically improve your sales results.

Hello, this is Akira Nose, representative director of ICT Business Supporter Co., Ltd. This time, I will introduce YZ Co., Ltd.'s matching system mycsess and talk about the good results I got. This interview article was featured on YZ Co., Ltd. and published as a blog article. Below is the article.
Discovering new possibilities through matching - What are your success experiences and what are the next challenges?

About sales agency and company matching

mycsess is an automatic matching service, and I think people who are thinking about becoming a sales agent would be interested in knowing the concrete implementation image. Therefore, as the representative director of ICT Business Supporter Co., Ltd., whose business is homepage production, I was interviewed about my feelings and actual results after implementing mycsess.

First, I would like to talk about the situation before I introduced mycsess. At that time, most of our orders came from referrals and inquiries from our website, but we wanted to be more proactive in our sales activities. During this time, I learned about the existence of sales agents, and from among several candidates, I came across YZ Co., Ltd.'s mycsess. I used to use another company's service, but I stopped using it due to some issues. After that experience, I decided to hire YZ Co., Ltd.

Talking about the gap between my pre-conceptions about sales agency services and mycsess, I had never expected a matching method at all at first. I had imagined that the services our company would provide and the needs of our matching partners would perfectly match, but in reality, I felt that there was a slight discrepancy. Sometimes the focus of the discussion became ``whether or not a company already has a homepage'' rather than our goal of ``improving profits by utilizing a homepage.'' We felt that it was necessary to resolve this discrepancy by improving the precision of needs.

However, there is a reason why I decided to continue using mycsess. First of all, there was a lot of support. mycsess is an automatic matching service, but YZ Co., Ltd.'s staff also assisted with measures using other methods, such as sales via email forms. Another big factor was that I was able to meet companies that were actually close to closing deals. We considered it cost-effective to continue using it as long as there was a possibility of closing new deals.

About appointments for company matching

Let's also talk about some memorable appointments. What particularly impresses me are the appointments I have with companies that I am currently negotiating with. When we first started using mycsess, there were many cases where our services did not match the issues faced by the partner companies, and there were few appointments that led to business negotiations. However, among these companies, we are currently negotiating with a company that shares a clear need: ``We created a website in the past, but it did not attract customers and we are looking for ways to improve it.'' I was interested in this. As the negotiations progressed, I was able to provide specific success stories and realized the potential of automatic matching as a sales agent.

Improvements and future expectations

There are some things I would like to see improved in mycsess. For example, it would be desirable to improve matching with companies in the same industry. If you have similar things to offer, it will be difficult to take the next step. However, as I continue to use it, I feel that the accuracy of matching has improved, so I look forward to further improvements in the future. I would also like to see an improvement in the fact that you only have one opportunity to adjust your schedule. Currently, if mutual convenience is not met within a preset period, matching will be rejected, and opportunities to acquire new customers will be lost. Although it deviates from the concept of automatic matching, I think it would be possible to acquire customers even more effectively if there was a system that allowed you to directly coordinate dates with the person in charge of the other party.

Our future business goal is to enable many small businesses to utilize HP to attract customers. Currently, many companies do not fully understand the effectiveness and importance of HP, and may think of HP as a substitute for a business card. Through success stories, we would like to convey the importance and effects of HP operation and help companies take the first step to effectively utilize their HP. We also help introduce subsidies and are working to raise awareness about this. There are still many companies that are not aware of the subsidy system, so our goal is to make more companies aware of it and eliminate concerns about the cost of introducing HP.

Lastly, I would like to tell you what we expect from YZ Corporation. It is important to actively communicate the existence of mycsess to people who feel that they are not good at sales or who do not know about the existence of sales agents. I'm sure there are many salespeople who can bring revolutionary changes to their daily work. Also, as the number of mycsess users increases, the possibilities for us users will also expand. Therefore, I hope that more people will learn about mycsess and that the possibilities for users will further expand.


The introduction of mycsess has revealed the potential to dramatically improve sales results. Our experience should be helpful to those considering sales agency services. Please take a look at the possibilities of automatic matching that mycsess offers.

For more detailed information, we recommend that you read YZ Co., Ltd.'s blog article.
Discovering new possibilities through matching - What are your success experiences and what are the next challenges?

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