How to download Ultimate Boot CD, how to use it, and how to boot from USB memory

This time, I will explain about "Ultimate Boot CD".

Ultimate Boot CD is a useful tool when you encounter problems such as your computer not booting.

If you want to be prepared in case something goes wrong with your computer, read this article and try creating an Ultimate Boot CD.

What is Ultimate Boot CD?

Ultimate Boot CD is a free booting tool.

By downloading the data from the distributed site and saving it to a DVD or USB, you can use it to repair or recover data when your computer stops booting.

It's a tool you can rely on in an emergency because it boots your computer from the device containing the Ultimate Boot CD data.

List of applications on Ultimate Boot CD

The Ultimate Boot CD contains a wide range of applications for troubleshooting computer problems and backing up important data.

The main applications are:

  • Memtest86
  • Drive Fitness Test
  • Offline NT Password&Registry Editor
  • CmosPwd

There are many other applications besides this.
In the second half, we categorize them by item and explain their contents.

How to download, create and boot the Ultimate Boot CD

In order to use the Ultimate Boot CD, you need to download the data and create it on a disc such as a DVD or USB.

By doing this, you will be able to use the Ultimate Boot CD when your computer stops booting.

This section explains the following contents.

  • Download Ultimate Boot CD
  • Creating Ultimate Boot CD (DVD/USB memory)
  • How to boot the Ultimate Boot CD

Download Ultimate Boot CD

Data download is required to create the Ultimate Boot CD.

First, download the Ultimate Boot CD from below.

Download the UBCD

Creating Ultimate Boot CD (DVD USB memory)

After downloading the Ultimate Boot CD, proceed to the creation steps.

In addition, there may be cases where you want to create a DVD on a USB because you don't have a place to put a DVD etc. on your computer, so we will also introduce you to that method.

[How to create a DVD]

The data on the Ultimate Boot CD is an ISO file, so it cannot be used by simply copying it to a DVD, etc.
You need to use a burning tool to burn the data to DVD.
With Windows 10, it is possible to burn an ISO file to a DVD by following the standard steps below.

  1. Insert a DVD, etc. into your computer's optical drive.
  2. Right click on the ISO file
  3. Select "Burn disc image"
  4. Select "Writing drive"
  5. Select "Write"

[How to create on USB]

① First, extract the downloaded data.
(Unzipping software is required for extraction. For example:Compression/decompression software 7-Zip)

② After extracting the software, move the data to the C drive.
After that, renaming the file to something like "ub" will make subsequent work easier.

When creating an Ultimate Boot CD using a USB, use one with a capacity of 1GB or more.
If you have other data saved on the USB, delete the data or move it to another device and format it.

Once the USB has been prepared, perform the steps described above from software deployment (①) to file movement and file name renaming (②), and then perform the following steps.

  1. Insert the USB memory into the computer
  2. Once you have confirmed the USB on your computer, it is a good idea to note down the drive letter in parentheses () next to the USB name. Example: "F" in USB name (F:), etc.
  3. Select "ub" in C drive
  4. Select "ubcd"
  5. Select "tools"
  6. Select "win32"
  7. Start "ubcd2usb"
  8. A command prompt will appear
  9. CFrom the drive to the USB name (F:) If you want to move it to ubcd2usb c:\ub f: and type
  10. Wait until "successfully" is displayed

How to boot the Ultimate Boot CD       

  1. Install the drive containing the Ultimate Boot CD into your computer
  2. Start your computer
  3. While the logo is displayed, press the BIOS startup key to display the BIOS screen (the display key varies depending on the computer. Example: Toshiba ESC→F1 Others: F2, etc.)
  4. BIOS menu screen is displayed
  5. In the case of "UEFIBIOS" etc., drag the device to the top in the boot priority section of the menu screen.
  6. Save settings with F10 key (restart automatically after saving)
  7. After rebooting, the Ultimate Boot CD screen appears

Also, if you use a DVD, etc., you can also boot the Ultimate Boot CD from the optical drive instead of the BIOS menu screen.

  1. Start your computer
  2. While the logo is displayed, press the boot drive change key several times (this key may also differ depending on the manufacturer. For example: Toshiba → F2 Fujitsu: F12 NEC: F12, etc.)
  3. Boot menu is displayed
  4. Select the drive containing the Ultimate Boot CD
  5. Confirm with Enter

Frequently used applications included in the Ultimate Boot CD and how to use them

The Ultimate Boot CD contains a wealth of applications to help you troubleshoot your computer.

In this article, we will introduce the applications included in the Ultimate Boot CD, divided into the following parts.

  • Memory related
  • Hard disk related
  • disk copy
  • Partition related
  • file recovery
  • Erase hard disk data
  • BIOS password release
  • Editing ini

Memory related

  • Memtest86, Memtest86+
    These are tools to diagnose memory.
    Diagnosis will start automatically when you select from the menu. If an error is found, details will be displayed on the screen. Press Esc to exit.

Hard disk related

  • Parted Magic
    Operations such as partition operations and data recovery/deletion are possible.
    Although the software is currently paid, the Ultimate Boot CD contains an older version from when it was distributed for free.
    Since it uses a lot of memory, please use 512MB with plenty of room.
  • HDAT2
    Hard disk diagnostic tool.
    You can also diagnose and repair bad sectors.
    There are many other things you can do, but if you want to diagnose your hard disk, select the "Device tests menu".
    If the audio is too loud, you can toggle the settings by pressing the "Ctrl" and "S" keys.
  • Drive Fitness Test
    This is a tool that allows you to check if there are any errors on your hard disk.
    There is a quick test, which is a simple diagnosis that takes just a few minutes, and an advanced test, which is a detailed diagnosis. You should expect the advanced test to take about 30 minutes.
    Drive Fitness Test can place a large burden on your hard disk, so we recommend that you back up your data just in case when using this software.

disk copy

  • ddrescue
    A tool for data copying.
    Start Parted Magic and select the computer icon displayed on the taskbar to start ddrescue.
    You can copy by performing the steps below, but please note that the data will be overwritten at the copy destination.
    ddrescue -f (copy source) (copy destination)
    You can copy by writing this and pressing the Enter key.
    If you want to interrupt the copying process, press the "Ctrl" and "C" keys at the same time.

Partition related

  • Test disk
    A tool for recovering partitions.
    Since this is a tool that rewrites data, there is a risk that Windows will not start if used incorrectly. Please be very careful by backing up your data before using Test Disk.

file recovery

  • Photorec
    This is file recovery software.
    However, file names are not restored.
    The "File Opt" option allows you to select and switch the extensions of the data to be restored, so it is better to prioritize and set the extensions to be restored. Setting this setting will also change the time it takes to restore.

Erase hard disk data

  • Darik's Boot and Nuke
    It's a tool called "DBAN".
    You can completely erase data on your hard disk.
    A warning will be displayed. Once you accept it, you can select the data to be erased.
    In addition to hard disks, you can also select partitions to be erased.
    There is no way to start over as this tool completely erases your data and makes it unrecoverable.
    Therefore, we recommend that you make a backup.

BIOS password release

  • CmosPwd
    This is a tool to remove the BIOS password.
    The BIOS password can be cleared by clearing the CMOS, but in the case of laptops, the BIOS password may not be stored in the CMOS but in the EEPROM. In that case, you cannot remove the BIOS password even if you use this tool.
    It is also possible to dump CMOS information.
    In some cases, you may even be able to find the password string.
    CmosPwd is a tool that may cause your PC to not start in the worst case scenario, so please be careful when using it.

Edit boot.ini

  • EditBINI
    This is a tool for editing "boot.ini".
    "boot.ini" is a Windows system file, and if there is a problem with it, Windows may not be able to start.
    In such cases, "EditBINI" can be used to modify "boot.ini".
    If you start "EditBINI" and select the partition containing "boot.ini", you can edit it like a text editor. (If the selected partition does not have "boot.ini", EditBINI will exit)
    Once you have finished editing the content, press the F10 key to exit.

Summary of how to download and use Ultimate Boot CD

This time, we explained about "Ultimate Boot CD", a free tool for solving computer problems.

The Ultimate Boot CD contains many tools.
It is recommended that you create an Ultimate Boot CD, as it can be created once to deal with any problems that may occur, such as when your computer stops booting.
It can be created not only on discs such as DVDs but also on USB, so be sure to create it in case there are any problems.

Additionally, some of the applications included on the Ultimate Boot CD may have important system implications. In short, depending on how you use it and the circumstances, there are tools that can cause your computer to become unbootable, or your data to be completely erased and unrecoverable.
Therefore, if you want to use such tools, it is important to understand the procedure for using them. We recommend that you make preparations such as backing up your data as much as possible before using the service.

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