NEC Lavie NS750/G Repair of a computer that does not start

This time it's an NEC laptop.Lavie NS750/G(PC-NS750GAB)Sometimes it wouldn't start, and my computer was heavy, so I had to have it repaired.

Disassembly of Lavie NS750/G

After removing the screws circled in red, slide the lid in the direction of the arrow to easily see the inside.
Since LENOVO has this specification, NEC's notebook computer may be an OEM of LENOVO. (The AC adapter also has a square tip, which is the same as the LENOVO AC adapter.)

When you remove the lid, you can see the parts that are most likely to be maintained.
from the right

  • The red frame is a 2.5 inch hard disk (SSD is also possible)
  • The blue frame is M.2SSD (NVMe type)
  • The green frame is memory
  • The yellow frame is probably the keyboard harness

This time, we will take out the 2.5-inch hard disk in the red frame, connect it to another computer with a SATA-USB conversion cable, and check the hard disk status using Crystal Disk Info.

Isolating the cause of Lavie NS750/G not starting

If your computer malfunctions, such as not starting, first isolate the cause.

This time, the computer doesn't seem to boot (it turns on, but the BIOS (UEFI) boots), so it's possible that everything other than the hard disk and SSD is fine.

Therefore, take out the 2.5-inch hard disk, connect it to another computer using a SATA-USB conversion cable, and check the hard disk status using Crystal Disk Info.

起動しないNS750/GのCriystal Disk Info画像、注意となって障害が起きている

hard disk lifespanis said to last for 20,000 hours, but failures have occurred even after 5,000 hours when used as a Windows startup disk.

Hard disk cloning and replacement

I took it outClone hard disk to SSD.
This time, since the hard disk and SSD have the same capacity, I will use a duplicator with an error skip function.

As you can see in this video, the 25% part is flashing rapidly, indicating that the source hard disk is failing. Cloning can take a considerable amount of time if a failure occurs.
This time, cloning was completed in about 3 hours.

Return the cloned SSD to the location where the hard disk was, and the hardware repair is now complete.

Uninstalling annoying and fraudulent apps

A so-called annoying or fraudulent app was installed on the computer I received.

This is a fraudulent app called Malware Crusher.
Even though you are not infected with malware, a warning appears indicating that you are infected with malware, and if you click the "Delete Now" button at the bottom right, you will be taken to a screen where you can enter your credit card number.
These apps are fraudulent apps, so never enter your credit card number.
In addition to this, there were a number of fraudulent apps installed on the computer we received, including ``Driver Updater'' and ``PC Fixer.''

These fraudulent apps appear to have been installed when you downloaded and installed some other app, without knowing that you had installed it yourself.

There are still many computers that use the hard disk as a startup disk, but if you deal with the problem before it occurs (it takes time to start up the computer, etc.), it will be faster and cheaper in many ways.

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